Friday, January 13, 2012

Get ready for FAWM: Get your stuff together

If you're planning to sign up for February Album Writing Month (, or if you have some other reason to write a whole pile of songs, you can prepare by getting your stuff together. This might include finding tools, preparing equipment, clearing a workspace, and gathering other resources.

Different songwriters' work habits vary, so there is no single checklist of songwriting tools. Use these question to help you think of what you might need to get ready:
  • Will you write down lyrics with a pen or pencil, or on a computer? Do you have a good pen at hand? Where is the pencil sharpener? Do you need to clear some table space for your laptop?
  • Will you record yourself as part of the writing process? If you'll use recording software, does it need to be updated? Do you need to pick a microphone, set up a mic stand, or find a mic cable? If you'll use a handheld recorder, where will you place it while you're recording? Do you have a spare battery? Do you have headphones handy?
  • Will you use music paper to write down your melody? Do you need a clipboard?
  • Where are your notebooks of song ideas? What fragments of lyrics do you have sitting around?
  • Will you use a rhyming dictionary?
  • Have you signed up for FAWM? Have you bookmarked the website? Have you bookmarked this blog? What other websites might be handy to have at hand during your songwriting process?
  • What musical instruments will you use for songwriting and for recording demos? Are your instruments all set up and ready to go?

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