Saturday, July 18, 2009

2♥ Two of Hearts [5♦]

This is a test post to see how well Unicode works via Blogger and various browsers. can you see the flat sign in "B♭ major" and the sharp sign in "C♯ minor"? Can you see the suits of the cards in my poker hand: {A♠, 5♦, 9♣, Q♥, K♦}? How about peace ☮ , Neptune ♆ , or smile ☺?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unruly Beast of a Songblog?

Hi there! You seem to have stumbled into the future home of my songwriting blog. There's nothing much to see right now, but — if my plans come to fruition — this will become a place worth stumbling into over and over again!

If things work out as I envision them, you'll feel almost as though you're inside the songwriting studio while brilliant new creations emerge. It will be kind of like being inside an artist's studio, except with nothing cool to look at!

I plan to post tips, lessons, and challenges for rock songwriters, plus advice, encouragement, and encitement for artists of change regardless of mode or medium. We're not just going to rock the vote — we're gonna rock the boat! Yeah! Tip the boat over! 'Cause that's just how unruly we are!

But this is a zero-budget kind of project, so who can say when or if this blog will ever get off the ground and/or land on the moon. If you come back after a few months, only to find that this is still the only post here, feel free to add comments mocking me for my lengthy delays. I deserve it!

For now, you can follow my songwriting tips on Twitter:

Also, please visit my other blog, Ten Thousand Questions. That's where Amy and I ask the questions, and you find that you already have all the answers. 'Cause you're a freaky, wild-eyed, gorgeous genius! Seriously, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't. Don't wait around for me! Let your genius unfold.