Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get ready for FAWM 2012

February Album Writing Month ( is coming in a few weeks. This year's challenge is to write a 14-1/2 song "album" in only 29 days.

(What's a half of a song? To avoid splitting hairs, I'm rounding up the goal to 15 songs.)

For songwriters who can spare the time, I recommend participating in FAWM. It provides a structure and a deadline to force you to produce something. Along the way, you'll blast through the creative barriers that often stop you from writing.

If you think it would be pretty cool to write 15 new songs, but you're not sure you can do it in one month, watch this blog for tips and suggestions. I hope to help you get off to a quick start, avoid the common creative pitfalls, and get songs finished faster than ever before.

And if you're gearing up to write and record a real album instead of a FAWM "album," the same advice applies -- you just have more at stake in the results. Stay tuned!

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